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Charging for everyone, everywhere

E.ON Drive Infrastructure is building the public EV-charging network of the future across Europe

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Drive value from your spaces

You provide the space and benefit from an additional revenue stream and higher footfall
of EV-drivers. E.ON Drive Infrastructure (EDRI) takes care of the rest:

Individual site design

We equip your location with modern charging infrastructure according to your needs.

Fully funded by EDRI

We take on all investment and operating costs.

Deployment & Operations

We guarantee professional and quick implementation of your charge points and run all operative tasks.

Maintenance services

We are responsible for maintenance, inspection and fault clearance.

At E.ON Drive Infrastructure we are all about EV charging in public. In case you are interested to learn more about private charging at home or at work please visit the website of our colleagues at E.ON Drive.

Our business in numbers

E.ON Drive Infrastructure is a charge point operator that combines network development, construction and operation of public charging infrastructure for electric cars and commercial vehicles. In doing so we benefit from decades of energy expertise.

E.ON Drive Infrastructure Germany

Wide network

Charge point operator for > 5.000 public charging points across Europe


% certified green energy.


new high-power charging points planned per year

Number 1 player

E.ON is the leading provider of charging stations along the German highways*

48 million

E.ON supplies innovative customer solutions for energy, with more than 48 million electricity and gas customers

EV-Charging for everyone with Edri E.ON Drive

High Brand awareness

More than 80%*** brand awareness for E.ON brand in main markets.

Sustainable partnerships

E.ON Drive is building the EV-charging network of the future across Europe.
Together with our location partners we enable charging for everyone, everywhere.

E.ON Drive Infrastructure

E.ON Drive charging park Geiselwind in Germany

The E.ON Drive charging park Geiselwind provides a strong customer experience. The roof in E.ON design protects drivers from the elements. It is located along the A3 highway between Würzburg und Nürnberg.

Public EV-charge point Edri E.ON

Long term partnership with Czech retailer Globus

E.ON Drive equipped publicly accessible customer parking lots with customised charging infrastructure (50-300 kW). EV drivers are incentivized to visit Globus more often and stay longer.

Public EV-charge points Edri E.ON

One of the largest urban charging networks in Denmark

In Copenhagen E.ON Drive operates one of the largest urban charging networks with more than 1,000 charge points. E.ON Drive provides charging opportunities for residents, shoppers and taxi companies.

EV-charging points Edri E.ON

Long term partnership with Czech retailer Penny Market

Customers of retailer Penny Market in Czech Republic can charge their e-vehicle while doing grocery shopping. Customised charging infrastructure positions the Penny brand as sustainable and modern.

EV-charging infrastructure Edri E.ON

We provide holistic sustainable energy solutions

At Benzina Břeclav in Czech Republic we have deployed 54 photovoltaics panels and battery storage in addition to our 2 charging stations. This initiative won the price for the most ecological project in the competition “Czech energetics and ecological project of the year 2019”.

Charging points Edri E.ON Drive Infrastructure

E.ON builds on decades of energy expertise

E.ON Drive engages in sustainable partnerships thanks to comprehensive energy expertise. As one of Europe’s largest operators of energy networks and energy infrastructure, as well as a provider of innovative customer solutions for energy, we have extensive experience and earned the trust of our customers, partners and employees.

We operate EV-charging infrastructure throughout Europe

At E.ON Drive we operate more than 5.000 public EV-charge points, in addition to 10.000 charge points in the private and business sector, creating a pan-European network. Thanks to our own testing lab and partnerships with various premium manufacturers, we are leading in selection, installation and operation of rapid charging technology. Furthermore, E.ON Drive acts as an E-Mobility Provider with more than 140.000 customers****. In addition to extensive roaming agreements with all other major European E-Mobility Providers, this creates an extensive user base for E.ON Drive charging infrastructure.

Building a sustainable world, charging for everyone, everywhere

This is the purpose of our company which intrinsically motivates our team to do their best every day. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Therefore, 100% certified green energy is delivered to our EV-charging stations. Our pan-European public EV-charging infrastructure network will contribute significantly to decarbonizing traffic and transport. Furthermore, we believe it is the sum of all little things that makes a difference. Therefore, we strive to make the most sustainable choices in our work and private lives.

International projects

Since 2014 we have been involved in multiple projects that focus on improving the availability of charging stations, educating the public on the topic of electric driving and promoting it simultaneously.

CONNECT-E: Pan-European Charging Infrastructure

The CONNECT-E (COnnecting National Networks and Enabling Cross-border Traffic – Electric) project will connect 11 EU Member States and provide the missing links between scattered charging points, by rolling out a massive and connected network of EV charging infrastructure. It will enable cross-border travel from Nordics via Germany to Italy, and all the way to Central and Eastern Europe. With CONNECT-E E.ON Drive will deploy publicly accessible rapid charging stations with up to 350 kW in areas which are currently under developed in this regard.

E.ON Drive EV-charging partnership

Expansion of charging infrastructure in Czech Republic

The Czech government aims to speed up the development of electric driving and improve its network of EV-charging infrastructure. Clear goals have been set within the National Clean Mobility Action plan. E.ON Drive is supporting in the fulfilment of these goals by implementing 125 rapid charging stations spread across 50 different locations in Czech Republic and 50 AC charging stations.

E.ON Drive EV-charging Infrastructure Europe

Rapid roll out of dense network in Scandinavia

Danish E-mobility Service Provider Clever and E.ON Drive form a joint venture for building and operating rapid chargers along the freeways throughout Scandinavia. “Ultra-Fast Charging Venture Scandinavia” connects cities in Denmark, Norway and Sweden with a total of 48 rapid charging sites. The joint venture is fulfilling a promise to the European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) program.

EV charging infrastructure is simple. If you work with the right team:

E.ON Drive Infrastructure

EDRI team Czech Republic

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* Number of locations along German motorways, 2021.

** 2021, including customers in Turkey and the Slovakian ZSE.

*** E.ON Brand Tracker, Global Research & Insights, unaided brand awareness, June to November 2022, six-month rolling value, DE, SE, UK, CZ.

**** Total number of customer accounts in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, and CEE, October 2022