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Why offer EV-charging to your customers?

Electric vehicles are growing exponentially across Europe

Quarterly sales volume of battery electric (BEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) in Europe from Q1 2015 to Q2 2022

Details: Europe; ACEA; Various sources (National Automobile Manufacturers’ Associations); Statista; Q1 2015 to Q2 2022

EV-charging solutions for retail partners

E.ON Drive Infrastructure created a hassle & risk free offer to capture this trend

We cover 100% of all investment and operations cost. As part of our commercial partnership agreement you might be entitled to receive an annual rent*.

ev driving parking space property Edri E.ON

You only need to provide us with parking space on your property

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How does it work?

All these steps are completely free of charge!!


together we develop an overall strategy for future-oriented charging infrastructure at your locations.


our e-mobility specialists will collaborate with your location manager to develop a customised charging solution for each individual site.


all details are agreed in a site contract.


we coordinate construction measures and are responsible for the installation of the charging infrastructure, including grid connection.


we take care of all daily management tasks.

Why do it? Benefits for your business

Generate Additional Revenues*Don ́t earn just from renting rooms. Receive an annual rent for the parkting lots you provide.Create an additional revenue stream. Receive an annual rent for the parkting lots you provide.Create an additional revenue stream. Receive an annual rent for the parkting lots you provide.
Attracting CustomersPeople driving electric cars will only choose an hotel that has electric chargers.Attracts electric vehicle owners dining outDraws electric vehicle customers to retail locations
Create a differentiator from competitionDifferentiates your restaurant from othersIncreases foot traffic and attracts new customers
Increases chances of repeat visits and loyaltyIncreases customer satisfaction and loyaltyFosters customer loyalty and encourages repeat visits
Guest ExperienceEnhances guest experience and convenienceProvides added value to dinersOffers convenience and amenities to shoppers
Eliminates the need to search for public chargingAllows guests to charge while enjoying their mealProvides on-site charging during shopping experiences
Associate your brand to SustainabilitySupports sustainability goals and practicesShowcases commitment to environmental responsibilityDemonstrates commitment to green initiatives
Aligns with eco-friendly brand imageAppeals to eco-conscious dinersEnhances brand image as an environmentally-friendly retailer
*rent payments are conditional and differ depending on contract durations, location attractiveness and other contract terms

Why so many have already chose us as partners

EV charging solutions for hotels with Edri E.ON

Country: Denmark
# of locations: >20

What customer says:

“We give our warmest recommendations to E.ON Drive Infrastructure, who have installed electric car chargers at Tyrstrup Inn. Our guests are very happy about the charging options we have been given, with the option to use both AC and DC chargers. Since installing the charging points, we have also noticed a significant increase in walk-in guests, both for lunch and dinner as well as for example coffee”
Mette Hamann – Hotel Manager Tyrstrup kro

“Effortless and looks great on the road with so many charging stations. We are very happy with it at the hotel.”
Sarah Routledge – Hotel Manager: Skaga Hotel

“We are getting a very good response to the fact that we have installed chargers at our location, and it’s been our experience that we are being chosen by guests partly because of the chargers, especially by our foreign guests.”
René Birk Salomonsson – Hotel Manager: Hotel Sabro Kro


Ev charging solution for retail partner MAX with Edri E.ON

Country: Sweden
# of locations: 5

What customer says:

“As a restaurant chain committed to sustainability, partnering with E.ON Drive Infrastructure (EDRI) for the installation of charging stations for electric cars was a natural choice for us. We believe in balancing environmental principles and economic interests, and EDRI embodies this ethos perfectly. By choosing EDRI, we contribute to a greener future at the same time as we are an attractive stop along the way for our guests visiting us by car. Throughout the process, working with EDRI was seamless and professional. Their team provided comprehensive support, ensuring a smooth integration of charging stations into our establishments and maintenance. With EDRI, we’ve aligned our business with our core values and witnessed positive customer response. We’re proud to be part of a greener society, and we highly recommend EDRI as a trusted sustainability partner.”
Rasmus Billborn, Head of Real Estate at MAX Hamburger

Edri E.ON charging solutions for retailers

Country: Czech Republic
# of locations: 14

What users says:

“The joint project to build charging stations for electric cars is an example of a partnership for us that builds on the idea of sustainability. This is important for Globus not only in the business area but also in relation to the surrounding society. We want to be in the Czech Republic for a long time and therefore we see our responsibility in a wider context, for example in relation to the environment. We believe that environmental principles can be combined with economic interest and E.ON is a good example of this.”
Lumír Jung, Director of the hypermarket Globus in České Budějovice

Edri Drive station Kaufland

Country: Czech Republic
# of locations: 140

What users says:

“For us at Kaufland, electromobility is a strong pillar of our sustainability strategy, which contributes to climate change mitigation. We want to show this in our strong vision for building a charging infrastructure in stores, which we developed at the beginning of this year. E.ON has been very flexible and responsive to this vision and our expectations, and we appreciate the professionalism and competence of their employees. The plan to install ultrafast charging stations in all Kaufland stores by 2026 is really ambitious, but we are confident that E.ON will help us achieve this goal“

Jörg Bauer, member of the management of Kaufland ČR.

Why choose E.ON Drive Infrastructure

EV-charging for everyone with Edri E.ON


Only 100% certified green energy

Edri E.ON Drive Infrastructure


Leverage and associate with a respected and well known E.ON Brand

EV charging location Edri E.ON drive


Professional implementation on both small and big projects

E.ON Drive Infrastructure ev charging solution

Cost Free

We take on all investment and operating & Maintenance costs, based on your needs.


We offer operational reliability thanks to decades of experience in the energy sector.

A wide network: more than 4.000 charging points across 8 countries









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